We undertake all kinds of scaffolding activities including:
• Cup lock system scaffolding
• Aluminum mobile scaffolding towers


Our strength is highly qualified, experienced and skilled manpower.Our strategic approach to Human Resource Development stresses the importance of gradual nationalization of company’s work force.
Our manpower section consists of:


We do the calibration and certification of the following

  • Pressure gauges and test gauges
  • Portable and fixed type gas detectors
  • Temperature transmitters
  • Pressure transmitters
  • Temperature gauges
  • Experienced Engineering & Admin Support  Staff.
  • Skilled Technicians including - Mechanical Fitter, Electricians, Certified Welders & Fitters, Riggers, Blasters & Painters Scaffolders,General Workers, Tank Cleaners and any trades as per client requirements.


We do the calibration and certification of the following

  • Pressure gauges and test gauges
  • Portable and fixed type gas detectors
  • Temperature transmitters
  • Pressure transmitters
  • Temperature gauges


We are extremely committed towards providing to our customers a supreme quality of Board Repairing Ship Cranes. This service is completed by adept experts near the necessity of the customers. Advanced tools are employed for rendering this service. Also, we provide this service at nominal rates On Board Repairs, Overhaul Ship Cargo Hydraulic Cranes and all Hyd.


GULF KSM provides steel fabrication of offshore structures for the Marine Industry, among others, rigs, drill ships and subsea structures, as well as piping and general fabrication work. GULF KSM also handles general engineering, equipment rental and project management of projects for a growing base of international customers.


Particularly the extensive piping found on vessels means that repair and replacement of pipes and valves is one of the major activities of any repair yard. GULF KSM is fully equipped with machinery to allow even the most extensive and complicated pipe repairs to be undertaken in such areas as cargo, ballast, heating coils, and hydraulic systems. The workshop is capable of cold bending and high-quality pipe fabrication with dedicated workers.


GULF KSM supplies top-quality carpentry work. Quality has a high priority for the experts at GULF KSM. They have an eye for detail, beautiful finishing, and functionality. The carpentry department is highly versatile, works with a large and modern range of machinery, with very different kinds of materials and in widely varying styles, depending on the client. The carpenters can supply customized work in any style imaginable, from conventional classic to clean, modern finishes.


The HVAC system in a ship controls the complete onboard climate. HVAC systems in ships are very rarely a one size fits all game. Therefore, a thorough assessment of your objectives and requirements is necessary to provide your ship with the best possible HVAC system. Limited space, environmental conditions, type of cargo, and the type of vessel all influence the decisions in the process of designing your HVAC system.


GULF KSM has a dedicated team to source and supplies all marine/offshore-related spare parts within the time limit and in a cost-effective manner.
We supply:

  • All Main Engine spare parts (2 strokes)
  • All Generator engine spare parts
  • (4 strokes)
  • All electrical/automation related
  • spare parts and equipment

We carry out the servicing, maintenance and retrofit of below systems.
Fire and gas detection system; Engine Maneuvering system; Engine safety alarms and shut down systems; FI-FI control system; Bilge Alarm system; Tank level monitoring system; Oily water separator with 15ppm monitor; Winches and Capstans; Incinerator controls; General alarm system; Intercom System; CCTV system; Navigation light control system; Power distribution boards; Light distribution boards; Sound Powered telephone system; Cargo tank level, pressure, and temperature monitoring systems; Steering systems; Transmitter loop testing; Valves & actuators; Electro-pneumatic converters; Autopilot