Blasting & Painting Contract

Surface preparation and coating is different for each project and it is taken care of by fully trained staff in Gulf KSM with painting engineers and technicians. The main objective is to exceed customer expectation in a cost effective manner with the best quality and methods possible. In Gulf KSM Repair Service, paint application in cargo hold & cargo tank treatment, tank treatment, hatch cover treatment together with accommodation and hull area are completed in accordance with paint manufacturer’s guidelines with all necessary criteria being met prior to commencement of coating and of course carefully complied with during the coating process. Washing of ship hulls, superstructures and other ship spaces with water under pressure up to 500 bar (WOM). Usage of paints and primers from international companies like; Chukoku, Hempel, International, Jotun, Kcc, Sigma Professional advice, supervision, inspection of preparatory and painting work on the basis of a full set of international standards.

Automation and calibration services

Automation :

  • Fire and gas detection system:
  • Engine Maneuvering system:
  • Engine safety alarms and shut down systems:
  • FI-FI control system
  • Bilge Alarm system
  • Tank level monitoring system
  • Oily water separator with 15ppm monitor
  • Winches and Capstans
  • Incinerator controls
  • Cargo tank level, pressure and temperature monitoring systems
  • Steering systems
  • Transmitter loop testing
  • Valves & actuators
  • Electro-pneumatic converters
  • Autopilot
  • Dead man alarm system
  • Rudder angle indicators
  • Wind anemometers
  • Public addressing system
  • General alarm system
  • Intercom System
  • Sound Powered telephone system
  • CCTV system
  • Navigation light control system
  • Power distribution boards
  • Light distribution boards

Calibration :

  • Pressure gauges and test gauges
  • Portable and fixed type gas detectors
  • Temperature transmitters
  • Pressure transmitters
  • Temperature gauges

Scaffolding Activities

We undertake all kinds of scaffolding activities including

Cup lock system scaffolding
Aluminum mobile scaffolding towers
Suspended scaffolding

Contracting and Supply chain management

GKSM has a dedicated team to source and supply all marine/offshore related spare parts within the time limit and in a cost effective manner.

We supply:

  • All Main Engine spare parts ( 2 stroke)
  • All Generator engine spare parts ( 4 stroke)
  • All electrical/automation related spare parts and equipments.

Man power supply

Today, GKSM’s biggest strength is its manpower. Our strategic approach to Human Resource Development stresses the importance of gradual nationalization of company’s work force. Our manpower section consists of

Experienced Mechanical Fitters
Certified welders and fitters for steel works
Experienced Electricians
General workers for tank cleaning and de mucking.